Results are in!

While participating in the TLS 21 Day Challenge, I was daily encouraged and inspired as by the posts on our Facebook page. Annamarie was vigilant about checking on the progress of the members of the group. She made herself available - through Facebook and email - to answer any questions we might have, and if she didn't know the answer, she found someone who could. I found it especially helpful to see the photographs of the various meals which she prepared. This made the meal plan more tangible. As with any diet program or lifestyle change, daily accountability is necessary. Annamarie's interactions were encouraging and appropriate, helping us to stay on task. I think that she will make a great coach for anyone looking to establish new eating and exercise habits!
- Anonymous

Annamarie and Joe are great coaches. I had a lot of questions and anytime I would reach out to them, they were there to help me. They really care about your health and well-being and I am so fortunate to have them now as friends and as coaches. The knowledge they have about TLS and how to help people improve their health is top notch.

With the supplements I really wasn’t that hungry the whole time. It was great and I enjoyed the shakes every day. They were there with me every step Of the way. I was able to Facebook them or text them or call any time with questions. Made it so much easier and I felt very supported.
- Virginia

I decided to participate in the 21 Day Challenge when I saw a post about it on Annamarie Jakubielski's page. A combination of an overactive sweet-tooth and the onset of menopause had caused my weight to begin to creep up, and I wanted to jump-start a better eating plan. The Detox week was interesting. Except for the first couple of days when I had a slight caffeine headache, I felt better than I expected. I lost only one pound that first week, but I think that my body, which already had a normal BMI, was protective of weight loss.* Over the next two weeks, I enjoyed the diet, and made an extra effort to exercise every single day (I normally exercise three times per week.) At the end of the Challenge, I had lost 7 pounds and my shorts were no longer feeling too tight. I was off of caffeine, and my sweet tooth was significantly reduced, which helped my energy level to stabilize. Eating more healthy carbohydrates was a great habit to establish, as was drinking protein shakes soon after working out. I was very pleased with the program.
- Sally